Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Freedom Starts with Him

This morning I woke up to my normal routine; getting Liani ready for school, changing and feeding Naya, picking up the pieces of my family throughout the house in toys, papers, mail, and crumbs. I kept humming a tune in my head that Liani couldn't stop singing yesterday. You know when a song is stuck in your mind they say the best thing to do is listen to it.

So I went searching for it on YouTube because it truly is a beautiful song, but before I found it I stumbled on a video someone made about the horrible events of Hurricane Katrina. In the beginning there was audio of a man distraught, describing what happened to his house. As he starts to tell the reporter about his missing wife, saying, "she's all I have,' the reporter starts crying. The audio was full of desperateness and despair and I too began to cry.

To think, that wasn't so long ago. Before that we had 9/11, and we've seen more tragedies since. This is our life. We have moments of utter despair and then moments of extreme joy. As unstable as our lives can and will always be, there's only one thing that we can and should hold on to.




I'm looking at my mess, inside my heart, and inside my home. It's days like these, where I am stressed, I am tired, and tapped out that I call for Him to come and lift me. It's moments of hurt when I cry to Jesus to come and save me, heal me. People say that religion is not freeing.

They are wrong.

Jesus frees you from it all. He is the alpha and the omega. He knows everything that has happened and everything that is yet to come. He know what decisions you'll make and He knows when you'll turn your back on Him. We are wounded since the the fall of man. We are searching, and we keep falling for the snake's words all the time. We keep thinking that there's only us, that God is trying to keep us from something, that we can do this all on our own.

If so, I must admit, that type of freedom has only enslaved me and kept me from love.

If you live life this way, proud, needless, loveless, fearless, then you are not free. Any Christian can tell you that falling into the arms of Jesus, falling at the foot of the cross, whether it be in times of pain and struggle or every Mass we celebrate, is more freeing than you will ever know. It is then that we give it all to Him, let Him lead and allow ourselves to follow.

This is the inspirational song of the day. If this doesn't move the little fibers in your heart, well I suggest you start looking for Him in Matthew 1:1 and never turn back.

For those interested, the Katrina video I mentioned earlier is here.

God bless!

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