Monday, March 28, 2011

Love and Thanks: Lenten Walk Day 17

Things are getting easier with love. I find myself waking up to my faith with a bigger love and understanding of what He wants of me today. Tomorrow is up to Him, but I feel good knowing I can let go and let God. With letting go, I've made room for a host of things like patience (that's a big one), confidence, calm, forgiveness, and of course prayer (another biggie). God is doing a number on me and I'm loving the feeling everyday.

Thank You God for

35. good conversations
36. playdates that work
37. another day to read Your word
38. priests who listen with open hearts
39. Naya being able to express herself more each day
40. a lazy morning of coffee and jokes
41. my mother's laugh
42. ...and her concern for me
43. warm weather headed our way
44. the bird that lives in the tree in our front yard that sings every morning
45. the appearance of grass
46. the view of the lake coming home this morning
47. giving Vanessa another birthday
48. the random hugs from my children
49. Sonia who's in town!
50. Mondays at home with Jesse
51. reminding Liani to say grace before every meal no matter where she eats

Don't forget to say thanks everyday.

God bless today and always!

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