Friday, March 11, 2011

Prayer: Lenten Walk Day 3

We awoke today with news of an earthquake and tsunami in Japan that ultimately is headed to our west coast.


Bombings continue in Libya.


Unrested in the midwest over labor issues.


So many things we hear about. So many many things we don't. Whether we know of it, or have no clue...


Prayer is powerful. It depletes you of tears you've been holding back. It gives you new strength in your weakest moments. It brings a smile to your face when you pray in gratitude. It humbles you when you praise His name. It's a conversation that can bring about conversion. It's a cry for help. It's a blessing for your loved ones. It's an anxiety calmer. It's a soft song or whisper in your heart. It's the dance you do when you're happy. It's the lament of suffering in your soul. It's the smell of Spring in bloom. It's the patter of rain on your window. It's the morning sun greeting you. It's the full moon that lights up the night.

Prayer is the way to get to Him and the way to see it His way.

Some people say, "I pray, and I get no answer."

God doesn't always supply a Yes. He doesn't always gives us what we want.

But He will always answer with what you need. How do you know the answer?

Pray for that too. Ask Him to help you see His will. Ask Him to help you understand what He wants from you. Trust that the answer will come and trust in His reasons why.

We put our trust in so many things, in so many people we don't even know. You place all your money in a bank. Do you know the teller, the administrator, the president of that bank? You've just handed them your check each week. You trust them with your livelihood.

So why can't we trust God?

You don't know Him? Read the scripture. Don't know how to pray? Just talk. Don't believe in Him? Talk to someone who does and see the gifts He's given them.

He made you. He loves you. He just wants you to love Him back.

We can start this relationship...with prayer.

God bless!

P.S. Going on a retreat this weekend with my sisters-in-Christ. I'll be posting via mobile. Have a great weekend.

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