Friday, August 5, 2011

Miraculous Views

Deuteronomy 4:32-40
Psalm77:12-16, 21
Matthew 16:24-28

Ever see a city from the small window of an airplane? You feel special being able to see this small portion of the world in bird's eye view. From this tiny porthole of a window you can see whole cities, landscapes, lights, all the life of the world below. For a moment you wish you can have this view forever, but how good it feels to be able to plant one's feet on the ground, your heart finally in its resting place because although having a special view of the world from the plane, this human perspective of the world feel normal, static. Point is that our normal view is very limited as opposed to the ariel view. From afar, you can see things as they really are, see more of them. From close we can only see what's in our visual range. The same goes for the heart.

In the eye of a hurricane, it's very hard to see, very difficult to asses the situation. So why does God give us such a limited view?

In those small range perspectives we are left with no choice but to trust that what we don't see is still there. In those cloudy moments, windy climates, dark heavy rainfall it's hard to see that Our Lord is still hard at work. We can only trust that His diligent Hands are working to save us, to later repair the damage from the onslaught of life's most tumultuous events.

Today's readings focuses on how ever present the Lord has been and will be. Even in those times when the Israelites felt they'd never get out of Egypt alive, or when the apostles learn that their beloved Teacher will soon leave them, God wanted them and us to remember that He's been there before, and He will continue to be there until the last day. However, in order for us to see this, we must recognize His works in our lives. We can't forget, or take for granted the miracles He's done for us as individuals. We must live our lives for Him, lest we lose it. We may gain the world and all its glittery things, but we will lose our souls. Jesus wants us to live with Him forever, but He won't be forceful. We have to hand this life over to Him willingly. In the meantime, He'll continue to mercifully perform miracles for us, to show us who He is and how much He loves us.

Perhaps we've never heard His voice through a burning bush, or seen His guiding presence in a cloud above. We've not yet given the opportunity to touch His wounds and see His face. But we are witnesses to His miracles even today. So Lord Jesus, here is a small list of miracles that showed me how present You have been, even in those moments when my view was so very, very small.

1. You were there when I was on that operating table, and beside me when I recovered.
2. You were there when I was depressed and you presented me with a piano.
3. You were right next to me during those labor pains and births of my girls.
4. You walked with me on those late nights when I had nothing but quiet, desolate streets ahead of me coming home.
5. You were with me during the many times when I found it difficult to breath.
6. You were with me on the subway when I thought my heart would explode from anxiety.
7. You were with me when I grieved for my lost loved ones and gave me pen and paper to release my pain.
8. You were with me on the many occasions of rejection by the ones I love the most.
9. You held up the cue cards when I needed to defend myself against others.
10. You held down my hands during those moments when I felt I couldn't take any more of this life.
11. You whispered the strength into my heart when I needed to let go of my sins.
12. You spoke guidance into my ears when my neighbor tried to take advantage of my situation.
13. You've given me wisdom during those dark hours where I was needed by others.

Jesus, the list goes on and on, but I know now that in these very scary moments You did all You can to bring me here today to recognize Your glory. I am and always will be eternally grateful and eternally Yours.

God bless!