Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Jesse: Lenten Walk Day 19

Today is Jesse's birthday.

And I am sick in bed, unable to celebrate with him.

But I hope he knows how much I love him.

God, thank You for Jesse. You sent him to me to be a light on my darkest days. In him I have learned to truly love someone, no lies, no games, no worries, no fears. When You sent him to me I immediately sensed he was Your gift. I gave my heart over to him, knowing this is with whom I was meant to be. Jesse became the beginning of a new life.

When You finally give us our blessing we will become the union You've planned us to be. Help us to remain strong under Your guidance. Lead us into the unknown future, with You, together, trusting and rejoicing in Your Will. Allow us to see the blessing You've bestowed and will bestow on us daily. Keep our eyes fixed on You as we grow more in love with each other each day. In difficult times, help us to find comfort in You and help us to grow spiritually closer to You. Bring the dynamic power of prayer into our daily lives, so that as a couple we may glorify Your gifts. Only with You will our marriage live up to Your plan.

Baby, I'm so glad God chose you for me. With you, I feel secure, protected, and loved. I pray that every year God allows us to celebrate your birthday so that we can share the gifts of another year together.

With love and many blessings.
Te adoro mi cariño,

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