Monday, March 7, 2011

Thanking God For Snow and Other Things

It snowed last night and when I looked outside my window this morning after Liani's weather announcement, I couldn't believe my eyes...more snow.

But I'm not stressed about it. It's pretty. I wish Spring would pay a visit but God is still wooing us with His beautiful crystal rain. Amazing. Seeing the world through His eyes makes things so much nicer, so serene and easy to handle. This love makes me feel giddy.

Yup, I got that huge grin on my face. All teeth! :)

So thank You God for:
17. friends who say I inspire them but they really inspire me
18. the opportunity to learn so much about our God everyday
19. the recent ability to remain calm in any given situation so far
20. hot coffee on cold mornings like these
21. the Mom's Group at my parish (see you ladies tomorrow!)
22. Mass and all it offers
23. how many in my community know how important Mass is too (the parking lot was full again this Sunday. Alleluia!)
24. my mother and father (rest in peace Hector)
25. every chance I am given to walk and talk with God
26. the youth and their vivacity
27. lifelong friends that I call my sisters
28. talented nieces and nephews who make my heart overflow with joy over their accomplishments
29. food in my fridge
30. gas in my car (with those prices...)
31. Liani's sweet drawings of me and her daddy
32. Naya smiling at me from under the covers this morning
33. Jesus's parables
34. Watching God's wonders through my kitchen window

Join me in writing the hugest Thank You note to our Lord and Savior. Don't you think He deserves it?

Have a wonderful day and as always...God bless!

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