Thursday, April 14, 2011

What It's All For: Lenten Walk Day 32

We decided to watch a movie last night. A little treat since my girls have been so good lately and I wanted to share a moment with them.

And about half way through the film I feel heavy heads on my chest and soft breathing embracing my ears. I touch their little fingers as they curl around mine and shuffle even closer to my beating heart.

With their dreams soothing my racing heart and their soft breaths drying my tears of thanks and joy, I see why Jesus kept me going. I see why He needed me to stay, why every attempt to leave was null and voided.

Because I needed to help bring the two people that energize my purpose every day. Every cry, every smile, every giggle and frown, each open mouth and open arms, each puckered lip is a gift that God wanted me to wait for.

His gifts are more precious than my very own life.

His giving nature nurtures my life. He allows me to name, feed, clean, love and love and love His gifts for me. All powerful and mighty Lord has a softness that only He can have. It's one of my flames that leads me through this dark tunnel.

And saying and giving thanks is not enough to cover the price of just one nail. Nevertheless, it's one of the few things He asks for.

God bless!

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  1. Awww Ivy, you must keep writing, it's like a sweet treat to my soul. <3 I nearly cried. Dito, que nice. Gotta love those kids, ay? ;)