Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Gideon, Snow and Brad Pitt

I sometimes forget what is most important. Everyday I walk through my life with eyes closed, my hands memorizing my tasks. I often forget to look, not just for the easy moments, or the fun times, but for the glorious events, the ones that are of Him.

Am I ever going to give Him glory, even on those dark cloudy days? How do I capture His glory in my life through the weakest moments? My eyes can be opened, but what about my heart? How can I open up my heart to truly understand His gifts.

And I stumbled upon Gideon this morning on my inner walk. Gideon, the least of his brothers. Yet, God told him to go, in all his strength. Go! With the little Gideon felt he had, he will be strengthened because God sends him.

We need to see the glory of God. Everyday, we need to be a witness to it, because our human nature, our brokenness, the legacy that Adam and Eve left behind, don't allow us to live with hearts open. We are always searching for proof. We are always requiring some validation. Is it really You God? Is this really from You? And time and time again, He, willingly, with love and mercy, understanding our untrusting nature, gives in, shows us His proof. For the Israelites it was a fire in the sky at night, water from a rock, manna from the heavens, the glory of God, protecting them, leading them, providing for them, showing them who He was and what He was willing to do.

And for us? How does God show Himself today?

I believe for each of us He is different.

I had a dream that I had left my front door wide open, in the middle of the night as my family and I slept. When I woke up, it was still dark, but the world outside that door was covered with snow. As I geared up to shovel, I saw Brad Pitt (stay with me please), dressed like Indiana Jones walking towards me with a smile. As he was walking to me, I noticed the snow had been removed, the weather warmed, the moon still shining bright. I asked him if he needed my help removing snow from his car and then I awoke.

After a few days of mulling this dream over and over in my head, I realized something big. Real big. Every time I remembered a dream, it's backdrop was a weather system, tornados, hurricanes and such, me in fear of getting thrown around, losing loved ones, losing life, and yet each dream showed my survival. Each dream ended with me finding protection, or the weather system never coming at all. I usually dreamt these dreams when something big was going on, something scary, moments of weakness.

But this dream was the first dream where I was left unprotected, door wide open, while I slept, while my children slept. Susceptible to burglary, harm of all kinds. Yet, instead, God brought the snow. What thief plans a robbery in the middle of a snow storm? And to top it all off, he brings the very handsome Brad Pitt (Jesus?) to clean it all up.

And so I ask, God, how can I hep you? Show me what I can do for You.

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  1. Good question... Maybe I'll ask the same today... (: Good dreams too.