Thursday, April 7, 2011

Make Room for the Lord: Lenten Walk Day 26

Trembling, I make my way to the priest to receive the Body and Blood. I always shake at the very thought of Him being so present in the Blessed Sacrament. How great is His love, to want to come to me in the most basic form. How He loves me so, that instead of coming with a great boom in the sky, in all the glory He deserves to be in, He presents Himself to me in the simple form of bread and wine.

Lord, I am not worthy to receive You...

Yet, despite my unworthiness, here I am, opening my hands, my mouth, my heart and my soul to be with Him in this way.

The way He intended.

I am preparing myself for Him, so that when we commune I am satisfied. I pray not to disappoint Him.

but only say the word...

How could the Pharisees not recognize Him? How could they not sense His presence? There He was, in the flesh, with an open invitation to the Kingdom of Heaven. Why didn't they know Him? Why had they become so blind? Why did they close their eyes to The One, despite all He did, all He said, all He taught?

I beg You Lord, don't ever let me close my eyes again.

and I shall be healed.

With mud and spit, with His voice, with His wounded hands Jesus healed and He heals.

...and He heals.

In that sacrament, we believe in His presence, we celebrate His triumph over death. He wins, He wins every time I walk up there, shuddering in awe to receive Him. Jesus wins, each time someone kneels down to pray and He wins when the broken hearted come home to be healed. He wins when we gather in His name. He wins when we preach His Word and tell of the Good News. He wins no matter how many nails people keep hammering into His Hands and Feet. He wins because He rises anyway.

He rises, even from death and He does it for me and you.

Make room for Jesus, the winner. Give Him a room in your heart. Sit at His feet to listen to His Word as much as you can. Let Him heal you, let Him embrace you. Let Him take your breath away. Open up a chamber in your heart. Decorate it with pictures, open up the windows, sweep, dust and mop, place new bedsheets on the bed, put fresh flowers in the vase and wait with a brimming smile on your face. Give Him an open invitation. Tell Him you want Him to live there for as long as He likes.

Everyday He waits for our invitation. Will you give Him a place to stay?

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