Monday, April 25, 2011

A New Day For Praise

I feel like the Resurrection is like a new year and I have a resolution or three to make. Well, the very first one is to pray more than ever. The second is to read more scripture. The third, it's a biggie, is to be in total gratitude in everything I do and say throughout the day.

73. a clean kitchen...
74. with coffee made
75. Liani's bus driver
76. dreams (while awake and asleep)
77. those who get me
78. those who don't
79. the Holy Sacraments
80. tall blue orchids every morning
81. for whatever...
82. whenever
83. needing and finding help
84. being a helper
85. twnty-seven championships
86. Psalms 23
87. praying the rosary with a group
88. insightful ideas.
89. popping bubbles
90. spanish conversations in the morning
91. happiness found
92. gentle breezes
93. the opportunity to carry my cross and
94. to learn from it
95. blue jays chirping
96. quiet time
97. feeling warm
98. three whole days with JM ;)
99. moments of realization
100. delicious food
101. a child's presence through their mess (reaching for gratitude here!)
102. His purpose
103. His song
104. ZM making the invitation
105. lauds and vespers and all the conversations with Him in between
106. Lemonheads!
107. scribbles by little fingers
108. their trusting nature
109. small hands rubbing away big pain
110. "Stinky!"
111. Oreos
112. pretty pleases
113. my functioning limbs
114. first signs of spring
115. babies cooing in the silent morning
116. seeds sprouting
117. the sunrise...
118. and sunset
119. finally understanding
120. good company
121. my desire to know
122. a creamy cappucino
123. cute giggling
124. ¡dying then rising!

God bless!


  1. <3 lol! Yayy! Happy New Year!!!!!

  2. Haha, my word verification captcha for that last post was reholly... ... ...idk. Lol