Monday, April 4, 2011

More Prayer Please: Lenten Walk Day 23

It's good to pray.

I mean it really is.

If you open up your heart, not just recite words, but really talk to God, it feels so good. It humbles you because, here you are talking to what seems like yourself to onlookers, but God's ears are listening.

And it's nice to know that somebody cares enough to listen to those thoughts of ours. Even better to know that whatever crazy thoughts we do share, He doesn't judge us. He knows who we are and how broken we've become.

I used to be concerned, and still am sometimes, about how to pray, what to say, if I've memorized a prayer correctly, but do you honestly think He cares about what comes out of your mouth? He's not listening to the soft murmurings of our voices, but the quiet thoughts in our hearts. God doesn't get easily distracted by words and whispers. He likes to put on His stethoscope and hear what we are really thinking, how we are truly feeling. You don't have to say a word, and that silent prayer will tell Him more about your heart than any prayer you will ever recite.

Pray. Give everything you have to God and give Him the opportunity to listen. He won't intrude if there's no invitation, but the minute you call His name He answers right away. He would rather see you broken before Him, than proudly walking away from Him. He would rather heal your hurt than to see you die from it. Pray to Him and let Him take your soul to places you've never thought you'd ever reach. Ask Him to remove all the barriers, so that all you see is Him.

A phone call or an encounter usually starts with a "Hello."

So does prayer.

Deo gratias:
52. Morning worship
53. candle vigils
54. good intentions
55. giving hands
56. thoughtful phone calls and letters (gotta do some of those)
57. unexpected visitors
58. the Holy Spirit's nudge
59. wise elders who've seen God's world
60. genuinely nice people
61. a morning hello from my two favorite people
62. showing my daughter the groundhog in the yard this morning
63. hearing Naya ask for an apple
64. knowing I have an eternal father
65. good friends who make me laugh
66. being able to laugh at myself
67. being honest and not feeling ashamed
68. comforting future plans
69. a long lost friend found
70. loved ones who travel to see me
71. excellent opportunities
72. God's Will, God's Will, God's Will!

God bless you my friends and have a wonderful day!


  1. Amen to knowing I have an eternal Father! That is the greatest gift of all I think :)
    Thank you for keeping up with the list. God bless you.

  2. Hi MrsH,

    I once thought my father was missing out on my life and he was, but my real Father, the one who truly cares for me has been there all this time.

    It is a gift. Wonder and awe. Amen to His gifts.

    God bless you too!