Thursday, January 20, 2011

Please Forgive Me

"Since when did I begin thinking my contribution to the world was so significant — uncrumbed counters, unlegoed floors — that I was so necessary, that I couldn’t stop, slow, still and commune with Jesus?

God’s the One who keeps the world in orbit, keeps the river running, not the efforts of any human hands. It’s okay to take a moment and close your eyes and pray. Just pause, and exalt God. Even if in the midst of children, if its to throw apron skirt over head to create a quieted island-moment of prayer."

Last night, I was so wrapped in myself and my own self importance that I forgot to praise God and let Him do His thing.

I'm so sorry. I have nothing to give to anyone unless You will it through me.

In the meantime, it is right to stop, pray, say "thank you", and "You are an awesome God!" In my grief, I didn't see Jesus clearly. I forgot for a moment that He is still here.

Dear Father,

Yesterday night i forgot to call You because i was sad and hurt. i didn't come to You because, once again, i thought i could and should help solve the world's problems. That is obviously not the case. All i needed to do was look to You. So simple, and yet, my EGO got the best of me. For that i am so sorry.

it is You that i need. It is You that i need to speak with all the time. It is You i need to STOP and say hello to. i need to remind myself that You're right beside me, that just because the scenery has changed, Your presence hasn't. But look how amazing You are...You allowed me to see the error of my ways. You too felt hurt and You decided to tell me so.

Thank You. i am sorry and i love You.

God bless!

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