Monday, May 23, 2011

Backseat View: A thank You for the gifts that fly by

Let's face it, amidst the everyday tasks and the annoying distractions and the pulling and tugging of one's being, it's really difficult to see the great beauty that God places before us. I used to think beauty was just things that were...well...beautiful. So when I was sitting in the backseat of the car yesterday, just looking out the window I began to see God's gifts even in the things that, at some point in time of my life, didn't really matter much to me.

My deepest thanks for:
151. bunches of tress whizzing by
152. old stone buildings that hold many secrets, I'm sure
153. the many questions she aks
154. the way "mommy" rolls off her lips so often
155. the confidence that her mommy will always answer
156. how the simple please greatly
157. elephant-shaped clouds against the bluest of skies
158. birds flying in circle formation
159. green growing through the toughest cracks
160. the beautiful Bronx, still
161. the floating Throgs Neck Bridge from the Bruckner Expwy
162. even pipes have small cracks
163. the small statue of Our Mother, hands always in prayer
164. the smell of cut grass
165. the shapes smoke makes from my cup of tea
166. dancing leaves to the wind's music
167. how they always leave something behind, especially in my heart
168. the tiniest waterfalls from rock walls

I wish I could sit down and draw what I am thankful for. Perhaps one day I will.

'Til then, God bless!

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