Sunday, February 27, 2011

Gusty Winds

"For God is all the life it has
And all the life it needs."
- Hymn from February 2011 Magnificat

Lately, I am like the trees in winter, bare, fruitless, leafless and lifeless. The wind blows gently and my branches sway violently. Life has been swaying ever so gently and my branches have been dramatically moving to and fro.

Lately, I keep forgetting to pray. I keep having to remind myself to put Jesus first. I keep turning my back on Him to fix and do all the things that come at me. All that wind, blowing my life away, and instead of standing there, eyes on Him, I am chasing after the objects the wind so easily lifts.

I must admit, it's very easy to look away and fix if we could. We think we're in control here.

But we're not.

Jesus slept through the storm and when asked, calmed the wind and waters with His voice. But amidst the turmoil, Jesus slept, eyelids closed, God the Father, His image in that dark.

"Don't you trust Me," He asks us.

Forget all the objects flying by, being broken by the force, some even hitting you on the way to oblivion. Let it pass and forget it all. Look straight ahead to Jesus, who is manning that wind, who is cleaning house for you.

I need to remember to look at Him no matter how soft the breeze or strong the gust. I need to keep my eyes on Him, even if they are closed and I am in the dark. Create an image of Jesus in your mind, frame it and keep it eye level so that every where you turn you see Him. I need to do that. We have to talk to Him, remind Him of our love. We must remind ourselves that all we have is because of Him and remember Him all the time.

I like when people say, "God is good, all day, every day." All day! Every day! Sunny days, rainy days, even wedding days and deadly earthquake days.

And to live, all we need is the Lord, because through Him, whether you remember or not, we have life. We have to trust in Him and His mercy. He loves us and His love is true and perfect, no matter what you're perceiving now.

I want to be a strong tree, one with a strong trunk that's roots go deep for miles. I want long, sturdy branches that embrace the earth and multiply at each turn. I want leaves that bask in the sun light and cup the rain and the snow. I want buds and pretty flowers, whose petals have intricate designs. When the wind comes, I will sway, but my roots keep me grounded.

Glory to You Lord, who makes all trees and brings the wind to prove their strength.

God Bless!

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